Jatiluhur Dam, The First Multipurpose Dam in Indonesia

Purwakarta, Jatiluhuronline.com - Purwakarta is a part of West Java, a small district with its beautiful scenery of Jatiluhur Dam. It is located 9 kilometers from Purwakarta, is known as Juanda Dam, which could accommodate 3 billion cubic of water from Citarum River. Situated halfway between Jakarta and Bandung, this dam was originally built with French technical assistance in the 1950’s to generate electrical power for the region. It is the first multipurpose dam in Indonesia. 

It now provides irrigation to the surrounding Arabic land and a fishery industry has been developed as well. It is now being developed for tourism and provides convenient facilities such as swimming pools, tennis courts, a camping ground, and speedboats for water skiing and cottages. The reservoir is huge, the scenery tropical, the air crisp and cool.

In the dam, there are six turbine units with installed capacity of 187 megawatts and could generate electricity of 1,000 million kilowatt ours per year. Besides, the dam functions to feed water to irrigation channel of 242,000 hectares of farming land provide raw water for drinking water, as fishery and as flood control.

Grama Tirta is a place where we can enjoy our holiday doing various kinds of outdoor sporting activities. Enjoy a morning walk at Jatiluhur Dam, inhaling the crisp fresh air. Let the cool morning dew on the grass and melodious songs of bird greet in each morning. Catch a glimpse of our Morning Glory and its breathtaking beauty will inspire us to new heights.

For those who love water sports and recreation, 8,300 hectares dam with its year round crystal clear waters, will be difficult to resist. Climb into a paddle boat to explore the Jatiluhur Dam, or just sit back and relax in a motorboat to experience the great outdoors. And if speed and challenge are what we are looking for, the fleet of jet skis will propel the tourists to all corners of the lake.

Asides from its function as hydro power plant, Jatiluhur dam also has a number of recreation facilities including hotels, bungalow, bar and restaurant, tennis court, billiard, camping site, swimming pool, meeting room, water sport recreation center, playground etc. Water sport recreation center includes rowing, surfing, water ski, boating and shipping. In Jatiluhur dam, there is a Ikan Keramba Jaring Apung or Keramba Fish Floating Net activity, that could become a distinguished activity in the dam. In the daylight or at night, we can fish with peace and eat roasted fishes. []

source : westjavatourismboard